Terry Shapiro's love of life and photography are intertwined and driven by his passion for beauty and authenticity. Terry is a Chicago boy (a long time ago) comfortable anywhere from hardscrabble neighborhoods to Western wilderness. His creativity was nurtured years ago at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Washington University and the University of New Mexico where he first learned to paint the big bold western vistas and then to freeze and enhance nature in photography. Later at his studio in Chicago he learned to meld his art with commercial enterprises while shooting themes as disparate as Milan fashion to Burger King ads.


Terry's work now is an amalgamation of themes, forms, styles and complexity and included photographing stage productions for the Denver Center for Performing Arts and the Colorado Ballet for their publications and advertisements. His current and growing love is in capturing Western landscapes under the magical light and color stresses of turbulent weather and powerful storms. Terry is also exploring a reconnection to his first love of painting through his photography of early Southwestern peoples' pictograph and petroglyph rock art. His hauntingly striking images of these primitive, yet many-layered drawings and paintings, bring the depth of meaning and spirituality represented in these Neolithic creations to life.


Terry is a man of professionalism and commitment both to his art and to his clientele. Aside from his website, you will find his work displayed in art galleries, private and corporate collections, and in newspapers and journals. Regardless of where you see his images displayed and the subject matter, the work you encounter will always be of the highest quality and professional standards and it will not only be work that you are proud to own, it will leave you with a sense that you were standing next to him when the image was captured.