Setting Moon
Colorado Autumn
Evening Rays
Echo Lake at Sunrise
Grand Finale
Between the Clouds
Looking East, Towards Denver
Sunrise in a Half an Hour
Echo Lake
Sky Above, Clouds Below
Lenticular Invasion
After the Storm
May 1st Sunrise
After the Storm
Mountain Sunrise
Evening Sky
The Whitening
Serenity at 11,000 ft.
Wormhole to Beyond
End of Storm at Days End
Evening After the Storm
Storm, Not Smoke
A Colorado Evening
Valley Clouds
Canyon Falls
A View From The Deck
Meadow at Sunset
Continental Divide Sunset
Pause Between the Storms
Days Finale
Morning After A Dusting of Snow
Sunset Over the Colorado River
Moonrise Over Canyonlands NP
After A Day of Major Weather
And the Sun Sets..!
On the Way To A Sunset
Eastern Colorado Sunrise
Canyonlands NP Sunset
Sunset Beams
Sunset, Almost
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